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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Thursdy 1st April 3:04am 2004

i am gay.......APRIL FOOLS !!!! hey U,yes YOU not the person behind u,wanna kno why we celebrate april fools day?i kno, but i bet u d0nt!if ya interested chek out this page , you can also send e-cards 2 all ya mates 2 wish em happy april f00ls!!or u could even send an e-card 2 some1 u hate and pretend ur friends with them,its april f00ls so its not true!!mwaaaaaaaahahahaha

so neways....freak......get over april f00ls,okay im over it now

oh my jod !!!holy jeebers! u like david strassman? well i do and thats all that matters.I just cheked out his website and its all new n stuf n actually l00ks alright! well better than it was b4.......so u have to go there.......now....... CLICK HERE NOW ! ! ! .Yep....i went n seen ol Ted.E.Bare n chuckwood last yr n the yr b4 at the civic theatre newcastle (wanna chek out their website?) and it was so much coOL coz the finale was a heapa mechanical teddies who were sitting on their own table each,without strassman on stage, and they were miming to Bohemian Rhasphody!FUCK ME it was the funniest thing in the world!!!!! wish u were there...sorry u werent.

so whats another thing i like..............? *~LOrd Of tHe rIngS~* (this is the official coOl website with commentarys by peter jackson,its hella g00d) oh my jod how could u 4get ? aragorn.........mmmm.....aragorn.........take me now,and oh my holy jebbers faramir,ozzie actor,awwwww in return of the king....when his father wishes he had died instead of boramir,cried so hard!!! gentlemen we do not stop till nightfall.....what about breakfast?.....we've already had it......we've had 1 yes,what about 2nd breakfast?.....dont think he knows bout 2nd breakfast pip......what about elevensies?luncheon?afternoon tea? dinner?supper?he knows about them,doesnt he?

yes nayway get over it coz im goin

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Wednesy 31st March 9:22am 20004

Last day of march hoorah!!! ooooo april is 2moro and easter is s00n and da easta bunny is gonna come bring us all choccie eggs!(meanwhile...if u wanna new screen saver 2 celebrate this lovely season of the yr chek out this one!meanwhile,if u wanna coOL screen saver 4 easter time,chek out this one Remeber easter when u was all itty bitty n stuf? it was so much coOL!!

I used to love it whenever it was getting close to easter n dad would stand in the kitchen ,lookin out the windo getting all excited tellig us that he'd just seen a pair of bunny ears pop out from the side of a tree.The bestest ever tho, was after we'd got our choocie n was all happy n stuf,we'd discover that there was mini easter eggs all over our backyard lawn!!!My brother , sister n i would race out the back in the freezing frosty cold, in our pj's, with no shoes on,and would try to grab the most eggs.Speaking of pyjama's,why dont you chek out some bananas in PYJAMAS!

after a couple of years of my brother always getting the mostest,we decided that no matter how many we each got,we'd share em out equally(which was g00d 4 me but bad 4 my bro,martin,HAPPY 21ST MARTY!!!)Oooo if your away from a loved 1 and have no money to send them a b'day card coz u've wisely spent all your hard earned doh on grog n smokes,u might wanna chek out this site.It's a site for sending e-cards thru the internet n i give it a thumbs up!

so neways u been out there 4 like 5 mins runnin round n round divin at little shinny balls of tinfoil on the ground and ur feet would get fucken cold,after a while u dont even care coz u cant even feel your feet.But the worstest is when the funs all over n u go back inside to the warm and then ur feet really fucken start to cane then.

Reminds me of the time we was in Ireland at granny's place n it started snowin,we didnt have ne gloves so we just used our bare hands to peg snowballs at each other in the middle of the night.The stupidest thing eva tho,haha, was keeping our hands warm but runnin inside and running them under hot water,then going back out n throwing some more,then run back inside 2 warm em up again.Neways im over it

Monday, March 29, 2004

Tuesdy 30th March 3:35am 2004

i know what your wondering ....what the hell is she doing up so late.........early.......... whateva im 2 tried 2 care if its early or late right now!!! i been doing my com226 assesment so that i can finish my blogger and tasks tomoro so that i can make it back home tis weekend.Ahhh well its only my fault im doing this 2 myself and no1 else's, but i do have 2 apologize if u see me all dero l00kin, unwashed hair, wearin the same clothes i have been wearing 4 the past week, (with me uggies of course),all smelly and tired l00kin,if im rude 2 ne of u guys i apologize now,i wont know what was happening at that moment,but i would probably realise if id been rude 2 u a coupla hours or days or months later and then will 4get to apologize.So wat am i talking about? i have no idea , but what i do kno is that im g0nna clean meself up , put on me jimmy jams n hit the sack! hope u all havin fun sleepin n dreamin away..........bastards.......just joshin!! luv ya'll

Sunday, March 28, 2004

29th March Mondy 12:58pm 2004

yo yo yo , yesterdy was me bro's 21st bday hoorah! happy bday 2 u bro ! u kno whats real hella gay ? he havin his bday party this satdy n his invitin like over 100 ppl n hirin out some joint n every1's gona b there,all me relo's n everythin, but can i make it ? noooooooo coz i got 4 assesies due!! FUCK!!!!!!!!! i felt so hella bad coz i cant make it n when he found out he was heaps dissapointed n i feel so bad 4 not being able 2 b there 4 him :( , but what ive done is borrowed me best mates laptop so i can try n get heapsa work done so tha mayb i might have a chance of being there 4 him,here's hopin i make it!!

yaya i get my ibook s00n hoorah!!! i should be gettin it sometime this week,so yay 4 the apple centre yay! meanwhile....curley still has my lighter...............newho me g0 now , hi steph if ya readin! luv ya l000000000ts babe and g00dluck with u-kno-what!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Fridy 26th march 1:08pm 2004

i am in class right now and writing my blog because i have to write it today otherwise i will fail the subject.Ihavent started any of my tasks yet so i am hoping they are not hard,shit!!!!!!

tis ok, steph hasnt started hers either,we both lazy lazy girls,but we both getting a laptop hoorah! they come in next week,cept vag gets to own hers and im only renting mine.Newho i havent decorated me blog or nethin either yet hey, not coOL or my web page thats gay coz the images dont work on my web page and i want them too,i wanna put maccas pics on there but they wont work ahhh!!

I have funny photos of brooke for my michael assesment,there are lots of funny photos of her coz she is the biggest pozer evr,like bigger than steph,and there r no normal photos of her,n brooke is weird,so im going to go now.i know marcel!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Thursdy 25th March 12:46am 2004

ooo heaven is a place on earth.mona mona mona.orange fanta tastes yumolicious.wild thing you make my heart sing.......you make everything, groovy...wild thing.this blog stuff ,i dont like,but me getting a laptop s00n hoorah ! but tis g0nna be the most crapest smallest 1, the 12 inch ibook,not powerbook,and tis tiny, and i have 2 buy a mouse 4 it,but tis all g00d coz im not actually buying this shitty little laptop,im renting it,wish i spose is worse coz i wont end up havin a comp at the end of it all,but tis all g00d mate.

Damn its hot!!!!well up at jack it is,gotta love jack,his always there 4 ya 24/7 day + night, well done jack well done :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Wednesdy 24th March 9am 2004

Yea so stuff hey stuff is g00d i like stuff and the sky is blue.steph is wearing 2 rings today and she is munching on a chuppa chup,i wish i had 1.I watched speed last night,havent seen it in yonks,n it wasnt that great.

Was gonna have a bacon n egg mcmuffin 4 breaky coz i stayed at stephs joint,but nooooo my gay ass stomach didnt feel like 1 today now did it?gay ass stomach.

I am tired and i want to sleep,i stayed up heaps late last night and it was gay coz now im tired.

the sky is blue,the grass is green, and steph is very very mean.not really it just rhymes.i know marcel!
newho if u wanna chek out da coOLest website,u aint coOl unless u pee ur pants,then click here,click here, click here, click here ,click here,click here, click here.
click here.

Monday, March 22, 2004

tuesdy 23rd March 1:29pm 2004

i am doing my assessie 4 padraig,i got an extension till fridy , he is a nice bloke,nice weird n funky and funny.He swore in class today , im so g0nna dob on him.stephie poo wasnt in class 2day :( but hoorah im getting a laptop so i dont have 2 spend all frEekin night visitin jack,nice bloke,but his just a computor slut.

Yea so newho this weekend my bro is turning 21 hoorah ! yay bro yay! shit i havent even gotten him nethin,i have no money,gimme money i need money.

Yea so on satdy we went out 2 the capitol n twas pretty g00d i rekon , besides the fact that u have 2 pay 6 buckas,thats a bit homo,newho im over it now.I know marcel!

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Mondy 22nd Match 11:03am 2004

this is gay and i hate writing in this gay thing because it is gay and i dont have the interent so i didnt write in it yesterday.I hate this subject it is gay and i hate multimedia it is gay also.Renee done multimedia last year but she only lasted 1 semester probably because multimedia is ay and im doing graphic design and i dont know why we have to do multimedia subjects because i chose to do the course graphic design and not multimedia.If i had wanted to do multimedia i would have chosen it , but i dont want to do it so why are you making me do these gay subjects they are gay.

anyways im drinking orange fanta and it tastes real yummy,the bestest drink ever! i know marcel!please let me thru!!

Friday, March 19, 2004

Saterday 20th March 2004 12:17am

shit ay , cant believe ive written in this gay thing for almost a whole week now! would've been longer if id turned up to class the 1st 2 weeks,but they said that the 1st class was cancelled n i didnt know what day 2 turn up on during the 2nd week,spose i could've turned up to any really,but newho enough about boring class,lets talk more about me.So....yea.. me and uh me me me and did i tell you bout me ? the other day me and i went to see me and i was all like oh my god me n me was all like oh my god i!me is i, mag's r coOL,as in magazines i like doing magazine's they r the funnest evrrrr, i know marcel!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Friday March 19th 2004 12:37am

I am eating cheesey supreme dortoes and damn they taste g00d !!! and orange fanta mmmmmm how much is orange fanta the bestest ever? i fully used 2 b obsessed with vanilla coke , but seeing sherm drink orange fanta alllllll the time turned me and now i drink it all the time.Ha and coz of vag seein me with orange fanta all the time now shes obsessed with it too!so yea lets just have some long boring conversation with ourself about orange fanta.Well orange fanta is the nicest drink eva(excluding alcohol), except for the diet coke you get at greater union glendale cinema bczo they use syrup and water and use heaps of water n it tastes the yummiest ever! i know marcel!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Thursday March 18th 2004 12.15am

Sambie is sitting next to me and she is really cute.usually i have something to say but today i dont.dad went to martys gig at the beaches,aparently tis gonna be a big one coz everyone always goes 2 the beaches gigs.cant belive i missed out on the newcastle show !!! how gay is that !! no showbags for me :(

im talking to brooke and she went to uni today.she has to drive 1 hr to go to uni.oh yay i might be getting a laptop hoorah! dont know wether to get a mac or a pc kinda one tho,coz i kno so much about computers n all.Yea well over it,lata!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Wednesday 17th March 2004 12:38am

yes i am up late.well its not really late,usually im up till at least 3 , but neway who cares??! the germans came round 2nite,havent seen them in a coupla years,they real funny people and talk funny! doro's mum n dad could not understand a word of english,but her sis could speak it heaps g00d,fuk they funny people though.And doro gave us some german chocolate and gummy bears and they real yummy.

neways im tired as usual,went for a walk today hoorah ! it was meant to be a 5 min walk but it took me like 500 years.i had that pizza the other day with the two thin n crispy crusts and the cheese in between them,from domino's,real yummy stuf,on the topping i had bbq chicken and bacon with capsicum and fuck it was the yummiest eva! i know marcel ! wow chris ur the greatest sexer in the world ! i know marcel ! please let me through !

Monday, March 15, 2004

Tuesdy 16th March 2004 12pm -lunch time

u know my friend sheree is gay because her and her family call 12 noon,dinner,but its not dinner,its lunchtime! man their weirdo's.

newho im still sick and not happy jan,i just want to sleep all day and night and do nothing else,but i cant because i have to write this stupid blog which is very homosapian.I saw planet of the apes the other night.It was weird.but not as weird as ya mum.
oh yea i found this hella gay website that u fully have to check out hey,its like the gayest thing ive ever heard of.click here for the stupidest website of the year.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Post Date: Mon Mar 15, 15:11:55 PM

i am really really tired and sick coz i had a shit week and i am so fucked up and every day just kept getting worse and worse so i went back home for the week coz i cant handle being at uni and i need a break,but i will be going back next weekend,but i miss out on all this weeks classes so i get better.

this countrys stuffed,i hate everything and i hate you(not really,i'll get over it soon)

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

this is gay , gay gay gay , i just typed out some words and stuff and then they didnt work n stuf,know what i mean ? newho steph is sitting next to me and she is wearing brown boots.sheree has five dogs.they are brown labradors.one is black and its name is mack,he is the only boy.

this guy in our class has a hella coOL laptop mac thingy majigy ,cost him 6000 big ones.sooo jealous! so hot right now,hansel, so hot right now.A school for ants?it has to be at least..........3 times the size of this.yep , so just a tad obsessed with zoolander now,merman father merman.

say , class is nearly over , think im gonna stay n do some comic book work.comics are gay and i dont like them.steph has 2 dollars sittin on the table n i wanna steal it off her.I'm wearing sheree's jacket aaaaahahahahahaha eat shit sheree i have ur jacket and u have mine and mine is gay but urs is coOl.

i like back to the future and i need to watch it.....now.dad dad dadio.a rhythmic ceremonial ritual!!! theres that word again...heavy...whats wrong in the future,is there a problem with the earths gravitational pull?ooo !!!! LOTR havent seen it in ages, bohramir.....mmmmm fuck his so hot,but not as g00d as aragorn.aragorn so hot right now.now that shirtys had this labotamy.i was just thinkin that you could trouble me for a warm glass of SHUT THE HELL UP !! now u will go 2 sleep,or i will put u 2 sleep,check out the nametag, your in my world now grandma.yep stop writing now,get over it skanky ass hoe.