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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

k this whole new layout thingy 4 blogga is weird as.Newho guess what/ steph n i r going 2 sheree's sisters deb this fridy,yaya! how exciting! cant wait tis gonna be hella coOL! going back 2 g00d ole tooleybuc, population 265,interesting place.
I wanna go 2 ned kelly country! i havent been there in years! i love the late show,so does brooke,i havent talked 2 brooke in fitty years,maybe she is dead.........YAYA PARTY!!! nah just joshin,harsh joke....newho i dont like this me go now bye

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Why Hellllllllllllooooooooooooooo everybody!
dont worry,im just writing in this coz yo yo said to 'update ur weblogs",dunno why since they already been marked but newho,YAY i got a pass!!! freakin out man!! cant belive i passed it!
so ya easter and easter eggs r g00000000d i like them alot
goin 2 retro?nah me either,i rkeon it'll b aiight tho,i just rekon its 2 cold,
newho me g0nna go now!lata!
gustav i told you, not today

Monday, April 26, 2004

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

mondy 5th april 3:58pm 2004

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha k so u kno how shez n i went down 2 newy 4 me bro's 21st aaaaaaahaha fuck it was so funny i have no directions skills at all! i mean seriously how many times have i been drivin from wagga 2 newy and newy 2 wagga and i got us lst so many times its not funny.

We was at fucken......b4 goldburn and we missed the turn off 2 get petty,so then we made it 2 yass,n all i fucken wanted was a sausage roll,but noooooooooooooooo sheree had the last sausage roll,so then i get large kfc chips but all i fucken wanted was a fucken burger,not fucken happy jan,fucken jan.

so newho we drivin n theres the wagga exit,but i didnt c the sign,n shez goes,do we exit here n im all like,no, wagga doesnt have an exit.I mean seriously what the fuck was i thinkin?what makes wagga so g00d that it gets an exit???i cant think of anything

so we totally thought we was goin the right way till were drivin in a town i neva seen in me life,i look to the left and theres a building with the name tarcutta on it.WE WERE FUCKING IN TACUTTA WHAT THE???

so then we had 2 fucken turn around , get back on2 the hume hywy and take the wagga exit from the other side of the road.

So were drivin,we c the wagga exit sig,but it was like 11pm dark as a motha fucka and the exit road was so tiny we couldnt c it.......so then we drove past it AGAIN.and then we discover that the road was divided for 35kms,so we had 2 drive all that way AND BACK just to take the wagga exit which we'd missed 2 fucken times already.